Thursday, September 15, 2011

Salted Egg

Still about egg!! this time is Salted Egg. I made this long time ago but never had a chance to post it here.

I often craving for salted egg especially when I made some Rawon (Indonesian style beef stew), but the salted  egg I got from Asian grocery is so much different from Indonesian one, I do not like the taste and its texture, it's way way too salty for me.
Commonly salted egg is made using duck egg, but since I do not have duck eggs here I used chicken egg instead. I raised some chicken at the back yard and I was so excited when I found out one of the chicken is giving me a light blue egg, just exactly the same color with duck egg's shell.

To make salted egg, normally we use some kind a sand mixed with lots and lots of salt. Then we cover the egg and let it sit for days up to a week or so, after that then it can be harvested.
The most commons way to cook it is to boil it, but I you can also mix it with nasi goreng or even some other dishes just to give an extra savory and salt flavors.

Since I do not have and do not dare to use any available sands here, I use water instead. Actually I knew this technique from a good friend of mine, at first I was kind a reluctant to try, but I did it anyway. The result was so good and I honestly think the taste is so much better compared to the one I got from Asian Market.

SALTED EGG (Telur Asin)
1 dozen of chicken egg (preferably duck eggs)
2 cups of salt (or more)
2 litters of water

Method : 
Mix the water with salt until dissolve, soak the eggs and make sure the water covers it. Use a small plate or any other object and put on top of the eggs so it can be covered by salted water. Put aside for up to 1 week (I some times do more than that). Do not worry the salt will protect the eggs from getting rotten.
After 1 week try to boil one of the eggs, if you satisfied with the saltiness you can harvest it all, if you think it is not salted enough then let it sit in the salted water for another week until ready to be harvested.

Marbled Egg

Marbled egg is called Pindang Telor by Indonesian, if I am not mistaken, I think this is one of the Chinese influenced dish enjoys by many Indonesian. The Chinese version however is quite different because they are using a completely different spice and herbs. The only similarity is its cooking technique.
This kind of egg is very commons to cook on a special occasions or celebrations as a side dish. Back home my mom still making this if they have something to celebrate or we call it SYUKURAN (a special occasion of thanking God for all His Blessing by inviting people to enjoy some traditional dishes). And afterward they usually going home with a box of rice and so many side dishes, and this kind of egg is one of them.

Traditionally to cook this egg you'd need lots of red onion's skins and guava leaves to add some unique colors. But since I am lack of the guava leaves I am using teabag instead, works great!!
I enjoy this egg with some rice porridge or some Nasi Uduk (Indonesian Fragrant Rice).

MARBLED EGG (Pindang Telor)

1 dozen of eggs (or more)
Red onion's skins (as much as you have)
5 cloves of unpeeled garlic (whacked)
1 bay leaf
2 big slices of galanga
1 teaspoon turmeric powder

Method :

Boil the eggs with all of the other ingredients until the egg is cooked, turn the heat off, set aside and let it cool. Crack the egg shells but do not peel it, just enough so the juice can get trough and give its marbled pattern and color.
Reboil for another hour or so until the colors turned much darker. Set aside and let it cool, ready to serve.

I also put this egg in my son's bento, you can check it out here. Powered by Blogger.

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