Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Semi home-made caramel spread

Hi everybody, it's been a long while since my last post :) I hope you are all doing well :):)
I have one recipe to share here ... it's a semi home-made dulce de leche!!

Dulce de leche or caramel is one of my TOP favorite flavors, but as much as I love it I also hate its stickiness on a traditional or regular caramel, you know how caramel always sticks onto your teeth ... blech!!
But I am so happy after I have found this recipe and challenged my self to give a try and it was a HUGE success!! So for now on this caramel spread is the one I will stick with.

It's very simple to make and doesn't need much ingredients, matter of fact it's only called for one ingredient, it's condensed milk that's it!

I can use this spread on bread for my boys snack, apple dip, apple tartlet, sweet bread, caramel coffee cake, brownies swirl, caramel cake etc etc the possibilities are endless.

Okay, so this is what you got to do :
Get couple cans (or more) of 14 ounce of condensed milk, peel the paper line.
Arrange it in a deep pot, make sure all cans are covered by the water
Boil it for 5 hours. I intentionally wanted to have a thick spreadable caramel so I went for 5 hours,
but if you wanted less thick or rather runny just reduce the boiling time, simple as that.
Make sure to check regularly the level of water have to be always covered the cans.

Let it cool completely before you enjoy this caramel with your favorite toast. Powered by Blogger.

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