Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Semi home-made roti isi daging

I was reluctant about posting this in my blog, since it is not really a recipe. But then I thought it might be useful for my sisters at home and my friends.

I made some beef croquettes last week and have plenty of beef filling leftovers, then I remembered I bought some frozen bread dough a while ago. A HA!! beef and veggie filled bread baby!!! yeah ... 
This kind of bread is always remind me of my childhood, remind me of my family and home. The fillings are varied, from sweet to savory, from beef, chicken, vegetables to milk, cheese, jam etc. 
It's quite popular among Indonesians. My mom used to buy us just for branch or to snack on between lunch and dinner. 

So here we go ... semi-home made beef and vegetables fillings bread or I call it Roti Isi Daging


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