Sunday, December 11, 2011

(TIPS) Vanilla Flavored Sugar

This is not really a recipe, but I love this idea so much that I'd love to share it with you.
I knew this long time ago from a dear friend of mine who live in Canada, during a 1 week visit we were enjoying lots of cup a teas, and I love the sugar she served the tea with, I instantly scented vanilla in it. It wasn't too overwhelming but just enough to flavor the tea we enjoyed.
Then I asked her what kind of sugar she uses, she said it's just a regular sugar but she put a couple of vanilla pods in it, when the sugar is finished she just simply added more into the jar.

I remember I couldn't wait to go home to make own vanilla sugar right away! which I really DID!
And I was thinking this is such a great idea, not only good for tea but also coffee, chai, latte etc, it can also be used for cookies, cakes or whatever sweet dish that needed sweet vanilla favor like flan, creme brulee etc.

I love vanilla beans so much, I use it a lot! one pod can go along the way. I'd rather use vanilla beans over vanilla essence. So after taking its magical seeds off of the pods, I save the skin and just simply put them inside my vanilla sugar jar. Love it!!!

So there you go folks, home made vanilla flavored sugar!


Uie Susilo said...

Hi mbak lina,

It's really good idea putting the vanilla pods to sugar jar! I love everything with vanilla, in my tea, in my breadpudding and even as perfume! Would love to try this tip but I haven't seen any supermarket selling fresh vanilla beans here in Jakarta :(

Mommalina said...

Hi mba Uie,

Makasih udah mampir ^__^
Sy selalu mikir di Indo banyak dijual vanilla yg segar, soalnya vanilla dari Indonesia cukup terkenal disini. Sudah pernah nyoba nyari di toko bagus OL? banyak yg jual green tea powder dsb, moga2 aja ada yg jual vanilla pods juga, happy hunting! and thanks again for stopping by ^__^ Powered by Blogger.

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